Tree Care

Tree Care (tree surgery) makes up and large portion of our business. We pride ourselves on providing a very high standard of tree care. Just like our Landscaping services we work along side engineers, architects and ecologists for our commercial, local authorities and private clients.

We offer complete tree surgery and landscape services for our clients which can give the opportunity of having their garden reinstated after tree work is done.

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Green Waste Management

When removing and pruning trees we often have to consider the environment in which we are working and make every effort not to interfere or damage the surrounding ecosystem. This may involve removing dead or dangerous trees form a mature garden or woodland area without using heavy equipment.

Green waste management is very important as a lot of green waste is created from tree surgery work. 100% of our green waste is recycled into other products such as mulch, compost, soil conditioner, bio fuel and other products.


Training and safety

Training and safety is very important in tree work.

All staff are trained to international standards of operations for chainsaw, wood chipper, traffic management, first aid, use of MEPs (Mobile elevated platform), pesticide application and many more such as construction site safety certs. (CSCS cards).



    • Tree Felling

    • Dangerous tree removal

    • Controlled dismantle of trees

    • Hedge Maintenance

Crown Surgery

    • Crown cleaning and deadwooding

    • Crown raising

    • Crown reduction

    • Crown thinning

Other Services

    • Site clearing

    • Stump removal / Stump grinding

    • Wood chipping

    • Green waste disposal